Hello, my name is Peter Stinson, and this is my blog where I will share some life-lessons that I learn in my past. My sources are my personal experiences with online casinos and casino bonuses. By sharing them with you, I might help you to transform your life as they transformed mine, for good.

First of all, I am a husband, father, friend, consultant, teacher, mediator, poet, blogger, philosopher, counselor, thinker, student and implementer.

I am the Coast Guard’s first Organizational Development Consultant and am assigned to the Fifth Coast Guard District in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia. I live just a stone’s throw from the shores of the Elizabeth River in Olde Towne Portsmouth with my wife, Jenny, and five sons: Andrew, Richard, Elliot, John, and Henry. When I have the time, I enjoy sailing, walking, writing, and cooking.


Here is one story that I would like to share with you, that has changed my life.

Winning a casino jackpot is a big thing by itself, but what if I told you that in some cases you could win one without spending any real money?

We always read web articles about someone from somewhere won a million dollars on casino games with 100 dollars per spine. Yeah, I know that is possible but what about for 2 dollars per spin, or even better, without spending real money at all? Yes, it is possible.”56 Years-old Peter Stinson from Worcester, Massachusetts won millions on slots games” was part of a local newspaper. In January 2019, a couple of day after my 56th birthday, I won 14,6 million dollars on slots games, without investing real money. You, too, can be the lucky winner of a jackpot without having to invest a single penny. Don’t expect luck to just come your way. Take advantage of hundreds of offers on the internet and start playing today for free.

How I Rocked the Slots?

I registered on popular mobile casino app and got a $5 no deposit casino bonus for registering an account on their site. I was playing on 1 dollar per spin, and on the fourth spin, their culmination in the casino games. I won 60 free spins and started playing for free. While I was on fire, the screen froze, and the numbers appeared, I could not believe in my own eyes, I won 14,6 million dollars.

When I called my wife to tell her, she couldn’t believe it. “Don’t play with me Peter Stinson!” was the first thing Marry said to me. But after a couple of minutes, we were both in tears. Since then our has changed, we bought a new house and made it a home of our dreams. We even were able to support our children in their college. I will never forget that day; I will always remember that mobile casino app.

Other than that, my life is pretty simple. If you liked my story, please stay tuned and find out other amazing things I learned through life.