A Place for My Papers

December 1, 2001


Impact of a Leadership Development Program on Interpersonal Conflict Management within a Coast Guard Staff Command

Addressing the Need for Leadership Development as a Human Performance Issue in the United States Coast Guard: An Intervention Designed for Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic

A Virtual Team-Building Workshop: Meeting the needs of leadership development coaches in the United States Coast Guard

The Lesson of the Sadhu: A case study in organizational ethics

Leadership Development Plan: A program for implementation of the Commandant-mandated Unit Leadership Development Program for Coast Guard Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic

Tackling Violence in the Military: A leadership intervention (A Prospectus)

Connective Leadership: Existentialism, conflict resolution, and leadership development

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Synthesis and self-evaluation of leadership learnings

A View from the Eighth Floor: An interview with Rear Admiral Clifford Pearson

Exemplary Practices of Leadership: A view from within the Coast Guard

Vision and Conflict Resolution: The crux of leadership

Theoretical Frames of Organizational Leadership: It’s not about the leader

Transformative Mediation and the United States Coast Guard: Strengthening Equal Opportunity and the Complaint Discrimination Process

Diagnostic Intervention of a Group Facilitation: A Facilitated, Collaborative, Self-Assessment Using the Criteria for Performance Excellence

Leadership as Impact: A review of two presentations from the Educational Impact Learning Library

The Role of the Facilitative Leader: A Literature Review

Case Study Analysis and Synthesis: A marriage ends in assault and disagreement

Effective Communication in Dispute Resolution: A Balance of Emotion and Desire for Common Understanding

A Case Study for Mediation and Negotiation Strategies: The Case of the Fired Network Administrator

Literature Review for Mediation and Negotiation Strategies

Avoiding and Accommodating: Now the Instrument Shows a Truth

Conflict Management and Avoidance: Natural Relatives in my Life

Homeland Security and Homeland Defense: Flexible, Multi-Capable Agencies Best for Federal Homeland Interventions

Coast Guard Capabilities for Joint Force Operations: The Leatherman of the Littorals

Four Keys to Planning for Post-Conflict Operations

A New Vision for the Coast Guard Reserve: Contingency and Customer Focused

World View 2025-2030 and the Impact on National Security