The heat has turned up slightly

January 12, 2008

Here in southeastern Virginia, it’s been a balmy winter. Today the heat was up, and everyone was out in short sleeves.

The search for an answer to my call is also heating up a bit. I have a couple nibbles at the moment. One is for an assistant head position at a day school with a unique environmental focus. I’ve been tinkering with my credentials file, particularly the page Search Objective for Peter Stinson.

I did a major rework of one section, going so far as to delete Desired school characteristics and in its place put The ideal school.

This is the section which was, in essence, left on the cutting room floor:

Desired school characteristics

Selection Criteria for all schools:

  • Non-profit
  • College prep or college bound
  • Maintain similar standard of living as current
  • Co-ed or all boys

Additional Selection Criteria for boarding schools:

  • 325 students, max
  • 35% day students, max
  • 1:9 faculty:student ratio, max
  • 25% international students, max

Additional Selection Criteria for day schools and day/boarding schools in the United States:

  • 400 students max (upper school)
  • Casual dress
  • Follows Coalition of Essential Schools or other progressive program
  • If private school, must be an “independent” school
  • Maximum faculty/student ratio 1:11

Additional Selection Criteria for schools outside the United States:

  • 400 students max (upper school)
  • May be an “American” school or an “International” School
  • Maximum faculty/student ratio 1:15
  • Prefer for school to offer the IB

You can see the new page here. Pay particular attention to the ideal school section.

I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Also, I re-ordered the sections; do you think it flows better?

Please do comment below, and please ask others to provide me feedback also. Thanks.